Headache Tips from a Plano TX Chiropractic Office

Headache Tips from a Plano TX Chiropractic Office

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Headaches affect nearly everyone in Plano TX at some point in their lives. They are mostly harmless and will go away on their own with time, without the need for medical intervention. Only when a headache begins to interfere with your everyday activities, or when it entirely consumes them, should you seek expert assistance. In order to obtain relief and keep one step ahead of the problem, use these headache suggestions from a Plano TX chiropractic practice.


Headaches can be caused by a variety of distinct "triggers," each of which has its own set of symptoms. Some have to do with your lifestyle choices, while others are caused by an underlying health problem, others are inherited, and yet others are caused by your posture. Specific meals, specific fragrances, bright lights, loud sounds, excessive activity, fluctuations in blood sugar, using an incorrect pillow at night, bad posture at work, and poor sleeping habits are all known headache triggers.

There is no underlying health concern or disease that causes the headache in around 95 percent of the instances. The majority of headaches are caused by muscular tension in your neck and/or upper back, which is produced by sitting in one posture for lengthy periods of time. This implies that modifying your behaviors and scheduling a visit with a Plano TX chiropractor can effectively alleviate practically any pain.


When it comes to headache advice, Plano TX chiropractors will tell you that the most essential thing you can do is assist yourself. You should push yourself to get up and walk around every 30 minutes or so if you work in a profession that demands you to sit in a static posture for several hours every day. It doesn’t take much! It is sufficient to take a short stroll around the office or to perform some mild stretching, as long as you are not sitting.

If you are prone to dull throbbing headaches, you should refrain from indulging in strenuous exercise until your headaches have been brought under control. Working out is still an option; simply modify your routine to incorporate more low-impact exercises. The practice of clenching your teeth during exercise or at any other time is also discouraged since it places stress on the joints in your jaw. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid being dehydrated, which will help to keep your headaches under control.


If you discover that your headaches continue to bother you despite your efforts to relieve them on your own, schedule an appointment with our Plano TX chiropractic experts at Lifestyle Wellness Center. Spinal adjustments are a highly effective therapy for headaches that originate in the neck or upper back area of the body. It is possible that your headache discomfort may lessen once your misaligned vertebrae have been returned to their proper positions and normal function has been restored.

Our staff at Lifestyle Wellness Center is here to assist you with any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us right away.


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